3 Crystals For Grounding Yourself in Trying Times

Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Mass Shootings. There is no escaping it. At times, life can be tough. Not only are there periods when our personal lives can be stressful, but lately it seems like the entire world has been going flat-out crazy. Between the hurricanes, earthquakes and the recent Los Vegas shooting, it’s pretty understandable if your nerves are a little on edge. But there are crystals for grounding yourself to help you get through it.

crystals for groundingSome people prefer to ignore things they don’t like. Maybe this is effective at times, but I don’t subscribe to apathy when it comes to politics, world events and personal issues that need tending to. But that doesn’t mean we have to suffer. Grounding ourselves is critical, and wearing certain crystals close to our bodies is one of the best ways to do that.

When there is a lot of chaos going on in our world, we tend to become anxious and it can be easy to lose touch with our spiritual natures. By grounding ourselves, we root ourselves to Mother Earth and get back in tune with our higher selves. We become calmer and we become still enough to listen to the messages of our souls. The chaos may still be going on all around us, but we will respond to it differently. We’ll be calmer in the face of it and we’ll be able to act consciously rather than react subconsciously.

If that sounds good, here are the crystals for grounding you might want to turn to. You don’t need to use all three; any one is fine. Always use your intuition to choose the crystal that you are drawn to.

Hematite:  This is one of my favorite crystals and I always have a piece of hematite jewelry (usually a bracelet or rings) that I can slip on when I’m feeling particularly stressed. It also has another benefit. Hematite absorbs negative energy, so if your vibration is a little sullied thanks to events that are going on around you, hematite can help.

Jasper: Jasper stones are known for their strong connection to the Earth. When we wear Jasper it reminds us to stay in our bodies and feel what we are currently experiencing. You may be asking, ‘why would I want to feel what I’m experiencing during tough times?’ Well, feeling emotions fully helps to ensure that they pass through your body more quickly.

Smoky Quartz: Like hematite, smoky quartz helps to remove negative energy from your aura. It is cleansing and it is often used to balance one’s root chakra, which is tied to one’s foundation and rootedness to the earth.

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